We are proud to be so well received by our parents and community. Read what they have to say about "I Can Do It Myself" Preschool!

"Alesha, I just registered Rustin for Kindergarten and they were so amazed at how much you've taught him at preschool. Thank you so much! They predict that he will be reading by October and said I got my money's worth from you--course I already knew that :D You do great work and I can't wait to bring Donnie to you next year!!"
"I Can Do It Myself" preschool has helped our son learn so many new things! He was developmentally delayed when entering Preschool, but has made remarkable progress. Thanks to Ms. Alesha for her patience and understanding!
-Brian and Krista

Many thanks to "I Can Do It Myself" Preschool! They have welcomed us with open arms since the day we enrolled our twins. They are learning to count and always seem to be having so much fun at pick-up time. Thanks "I Can Do It Myself"!
-Pat and Tammy

We would be lost without "I Can Do It Myself". We wanted to find a school that would prepare our child for kindergarten. After touring many centers we felt hopeless. Until we found "I Can Do It Myself". We knew right away our son would thrive. And he has! Thanks!

"I Can Do It Myself" has the best staff ever! My little Madison has made so many great friends and just loves Ms. Lindsey. Her favorite is arts and crafts. Cheers to "I Can Do It Myself"!

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